Sep 4, 2013

One and only HOT SPRING in Singapore Island!! Did you know that it exists since 1909?!!

Want to have a healing touch of the hot springs?! You dont have to go anywhere ..Yes, there is a  hot spring in Singapore! Bet that this is a little fact that you didn’t know about Singapore!It is located at Gambas Avenue between Woodlands Avenue 12 and Sembawang Road, is the only natural hot spring on the main island of Singapore. 
Entry point along the gambas avenue..

Want to know about the history behind it ...Read this on the image :)or read on wiki Sembawang Hot Springs

 For those who of you who are expecting to see a pool of hot spring nestled a midst lush greenery and floral . I’m sorry to disappoint you but the reality is that you will be greeted by a concrete base with metal pipes channeling hot spring water.

 Testing the waters's really hot!! Also in case if you were wondering, there are plenty of chairs and pails available within the area which you can use.

Water was pipping hot, said to be about 50-80 Degrees Celsius. To immerse our feet into the pail we had to constantly mix the water with cooler water! 

Enjoying the therapeutic foot bath! Some were filling up bottles of these water most probably for the “detoxifying/healing” properties that the natural spring is said to have.We had an amazing view of the moon when we started to leave,since the army camp is at the backdrop one can see the fencing all around!

Summing it up,we actually enjoyed soaking up those tired feet!! Therapeutic and refreshing for those who enjoy little things in life :) or you want to relax this way?! :) you are free to do that! 

More details of the Sembawang Hot Springs
Operating Hours: 7am to 7pm

Admission: Free

Address: Along Gambas Ave, in between the fenced-up military camps

Make a visit !