Aug 16, 2013

Yishun in Singapore ....lots to explore in this small town!

Yishun at first glance looks like any other new town in Singapore but there is so much more than what meets the eye!There are pockets of old yishun tucked away in unexpected corners!  Area has loads to offer from reservoirs to temples and churches! Also home to beautiful parks!!

To begin with let me take you to my favorite park,its called Yishun Neighbourhood Park !

The play area here is good and children get to play in sand hop on to this beautiful park in ! Bonding time with your littleone :)

Getting down the park is amazing as you get to see another view of the trees :) do you think am crazy!? yes I love trees!

Yes lots of photographic locations aswell;)

          "All my life through, the new sights of Nature made me rejoice like a child. "

 Author: Madame Marie Curie

Singapore's Fort Canning Park ...

Located on a hill, Fort Canning Park is one of Singapore's most historic this place for the huge trees!

Fort Canning Park's distinctive charm remains. Its ancient artefacts are a must-see for history buffs!
Enjoyed the walk through the roads ....

One can definitely have some solitude coming here :) ...there are spice trails,Malay trails,Raffles terrace and many more interesting trails to explore check more info here Fort Canning . Some more of the park through my lense ...

Before I end this can also host birthday parties and much more!
We did it and loved the venue!! :)